Frequently Asked Questions

Which length of streamers for bikes, trikes or scooters should I order?

The 11" length works great for kid's bikes, tricycles, and scooters. The 14" length looks best on full-size adult bikes and adult trikes. (Of course, you can order whichever length you want for your adult bike, but we think the longer streamers look better on bigger bikes, especially cruisers).  

bike streamers child vs adult

How do I install these?

It's simple! Just pinch the metal clip ends together and insert one end at a time into the hole in your handlebar grip. Once both ends of the clip are inserted, push the length of the metal clip in until the round part is touching the grip hole. Ideally, you want the 'neck' of the clip to fit snug at the grip hole. If your handlebar grips have a larger hole, you might want to pull the clip 'arms' open a little bit to ensure a snug fit. And if you accidentally mess up your clips, please email us and we'll send you a new set of clips.

bike streamers attachment

If you have soft rubber grips with a very small hole, you may want to gently stretch the hole open just a bit for easier installation. You can do this using a screwdriver or similar tool. 

Will the streamer clips work with my bike/tricycle/scooter?

If there is a hole in the end of the handlebar grips, the streamers clip attachments should work great and be super easy to install. (If your handlebar grips do not have a hole, you might consider a visit to your local bike shop, where they can help you out with a different set of end caps or new grips). 

To check your grips, just take a small screwdriver, ice pick, chopstick, etc. and insert it through the end hole. You should be able to push your tool through, directly into the metal handlebar tube. But, if your tool meets an obstruction just inside of the grips, there might be a plastic plug hidden inside of the handlebar tube. (**Some Electra and Co-Op bikes have these hidden plugs, but many of their bikes do not). Unfortunately, these plugs will prevent the install of any type of bike streamers attachment, and you must remove them or drill a hole through them. If you have any difficulties installing your streamers, email us at and we will try to help you figure it out. 


Are the streamers for bikes, trikes and scooters sold individually or as a set?

All streamers are sold as a complete set of two. If you purchase a quantity of 1, you will receive a complete set of two - one for each handlebar grip. (Handlebar grips are not included, and we do not sell them).

Bike Streamers_packaging

Will these streamers work for Micro Kickboard Scooters?

Yes! (We have a couple of these in our house, and they are such great scooters). However, because the handlebar grip ends are made of a very soft rubber material, we like to add little bumpers to the ends of the metal clips. Please let us know if you are purchasing these streamers for a Micro Kickboard scooter, and we will send you the appropriate clips.  

Handlebar Streamers for Micro Kickboard Scooters

What about small balance bikes and tiny tricycles?

You may want to consider a shorter length of streamers -- 9 1/2" typically works great. Just let us know, and we will make those changes for you at no additional cost. You can leave us your instructions in the Comments section at Checkout. Or you can email us at within 24 hours with your request. Special requests submitted after 24 hours of your order placement may not be received in time.

Is gift wrapping available?

We do not offer gift wrapping at this time. However, if you leave a gift message on the Cart page, we will include your message in a handwritten note, and wrap your streamers with twine.


Can I order a set of custom streamers?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer customized streamers at this time.

How do I care for my new streamers?

For normal soiling, hand wash with a mild detergent, and air-dry. If needed, streamers can be ironed.

If you leave them outside in the sun for weeks at a time, you may see color fade, however, these streamers should hold up fabulously in various weather conditions and look great for a very long time.  

Do you sell to retailers?

Yes! Please contact us at for more information.