About Us

For the young and young-at-heart,

If you're looking to trick out, pimp out, rock out, glam up, or simply individualize the bike (or trike, or scooter) you love, I'm pleased to present these unique, handmade handlebar streamers. Though some may consider them 'old school' or 'retro', they never go out of style, and are guaranteed to bring back fond memories as they wave in the wind while you ride your bike down the street. They also make awesome gifts for kids and fun adults!

Enjoy your ride!



Founder, Designer, and Maker Jenell Holt has a BFA in Interior Design and spent several years toiling away in fast-paced architecture + design firms. Then 9 years ago, the birth of her first child turned her world upside down and she turned to making cool stuff to maintain her sanity. Three years later, Jenell purchased a most excellent scooter for her daughter – a scooter in desperate need of a rad set of handlebar streamers. And after realizing the commercially available options mostly sucked, she created her own awesome streamers and determined to make them available to all. In all of her handmade creations, Jenell brings a strong background in design, an intense love for color, and a bizarre conviction that she is somehow providing an invaluable public service to the world.

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